Evening Routine + Giveaway!

 Hello guys! How are you doing? I am going to do a nighttime/ even routine post for you guys today. And at the end of this post, I have a special giveaway! So make sure you read until the end to see what it is!

 Let's start with once I get home! So this varies from day to day, but usually when I get home, I head to the bathroom to take off my makeup. I use the Simple Cleansing Wipes. And then after that I head to my room. I'll plug in my headphones, and check social mediums for about an hour. After that, I will start on any homework that needs to get done for the next day. If I feel really studious, I'll study. But that like never happens. I'll go ahead and do homework for about another hour and a half. By that time, it's like almost 8. From 8 to 10 I'll do pretty much nothing. If I care to watch TV or Netflix, I might do that. If I just want to watch Youtube, I'll do that in that time. But by 10, it's time for me to get ready for bed! I know, I get turnt up. XD. 

 I will then go and take a shower! Showers for me last quite a while because I have such curly, coarse hair. Plus I like to just stand under the hot water for a little while. It's a great way for me to just relax and "wash" away the day. I'm not going to go into too many details about showering though because, I mean, it's showering. 

 I will however go into what I do after the shower! Obviously, I dry off and brush my hair and put clothes on, because, duh. Then I will brush my teeth. That's pretty basic. However, the fun stuff starts after those trivial things.

 I will then wash my face with the St Ives Blemish Control Gel cleanser. I love it because I am not personally someone that needs an extensive acne treatment cleanser. I just need something to control my blemishes and help to get my skin clearer. So this suits my needs. If this doesn't apply to you, feel free to use whatever suits your needs. 

 After the cleanser, I will use Simple Exfoliating wipes. I have oily skin, so I find that I need to exfoliate every day. If you are on the more dry/normal skin side, I would recommend exfoliating like 3 times a week. Exfoliating, in case you don't know, is when you remove skin cells on the top of the skin. If you have oily skin, you need to do this more regularly because the excess oil you produce causes the cells on the top of the skin tissue to build up more bacteria in your pores. Any more bacteria in your pores, the more likely you are to get acne. So exfoliating is crucial to maintaining healthy looking skin on the face. Especially if you use lots of face makeup. 

 After exfoliating, I will then put water on my face to just get rid of the chemicals from the exfoliating wipes. I know Simple doesn't use any harsh chemicals, and I love that about Simple, but I also want to make sure that by time I moisturize, there isn't any chemicals getting into my pores. Even if they aren't harsh. So one final rinse of the face before I moisturize is important for me. 

 At that point, I will apply a dark eye circle treatment to the bottom lids of my eyes. I have bad dark circles, so I have had to invest in an eye treatment. I honestly cannot tell who it is by, so for now, I will just allude to it as eye treatment. I got it at Marshall's for like $4.00 so I am not expecting much from it, but it seems to be doing a little bit in the time I have used it. 

 Next, I will finally moisturize! I use my tried and true Aveeno to moisturize. I use it on my face, arms, and hands before being done! I have Keratosis Pilaris, which is the skin condition where it looks like you have little red bumps on your arms. I don't know if it is supposed to spread to your whole arm, but I only have it on my upper arms. So I have found that by using Aveeno before I go to bed, the bumps aren't as red when I wake up. They are still red, but just not so obvious. 

 By this point, I finally leave the bathroom. I know, I spend quite a lot of time in the bathroom! I could live in the bathroom if it had a kitchen in it... But that would be awkward if it did... Anyways! I go to my room and plug my phone into the charger and head to my bed! I make sure to have my face mask and to put in my Refresh gel eye drops before hitting the hay. I also have dry eyes, so my eye doctor told me to put those in before I go to sleep, and to sleep with a face mask. Once those are done, the lights are off!! And I am off to dream land!

 So this giveaway! First of all, thanks for reading this far. Because you read up until now, right? Right? I thought so. I love to talk, so I can get a little rambly. I don't think I spelled that right, but oh well! 

 I am going to help one lucky person get their own night time materials! I am going to give away a $25 Ulta giftcard! This can be used to get some cleansers, or maybe you want to buy some makeup, or get a shampoo! Whatever your little heart desires is yours if you win (and if it's within $25.) XD Now for the rules, because every good thing comes with rules! 

To enter:
1. Comment down below about what you like to do at night time in order to get ready for bed.
2. All comments must be made before Sunday 2/8/2015 by 10 PM Central Time. 
3. I will decide the winner on Monday or Tuesday following, and I will email them. So make sure if you comment, you use a profile and not anonymous.

So yeah! Best of luck! 

(Here's where I hope someone enters. Or I can use the giftcard... I wouldn't mind that either)



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