Songs of Summer Past

 Hey guys! I am so excited to share today's post! So today's playlist is something a little different than my normal "What Am I Listening To?" posts. Instead of sharing what I'm currently listening to, I'm going to share what I used to listen to! So I have always been a music lover, and when I discovered when I was younger, it was one of the most eye opening things for me. Sadly, Spinner no longer exists (RIP), but it was truly the best library of all things music. I learned so much about different genres and reading music reviews on everything from "Best Songs of the 70's" to even album reviews on current albums, I took in everything.

 As well, one of my favorite things about Spinner was every year, around SXSW time, they had a huge zip file of music from most of the artists performing that year. In case you don't know what SXSW is, it's a music festival in Austin, TX that tends to lean more towards rising artists as opposed to big names like most other festivals do. They usually have some well known artists there as well, but it's more geared towards rising artists or new artists. What I loved about this zip file, was it felt like I was going to the festival, even though I knew I physically wasn't going to be there. I would stay up all night the night the zip file would be published, and just scour what I liked and what I didn't. To be honest, I probably skipped most of the songs! I had a rule where I would listen to the first 30 seconds of each song, and if it didn't interest me, I would skip. (The playlist was sometimes like over 100 songs long, so I really had to be picky!) But in doing that, I found some really great songs that I listen to till this day.

 So this playlist is dedicated to my old days scouring It was my all time favorite summer pastime, and I am SO sad it no longer exists. But I will always have these songs, and for that I am really happy :)

PS there are a few songs that I didn't discover through Spinner, as well there's a couple songs that aren't available on Apple Music, so I am going to link a YouTube video of that song. For the songs I didn't find on Spinner, it's basically just the Darren Criss songs, but hey, I discovered him around the time I found these songs, so I just group them together XD

And here's one song that always shows up on the playlist, but anytime you go to listen to it, it never works. So I just included it here so you can listen to it!

This song has a version that is on Apple Music, however, the one I like better, and the one I heard first was the RAC remix. It's more fun, and more lighthearted, so I prefer this version over the original recording.

 Well that was quite the trip down memory lane for me! I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Music is something I have always been passionate about, and I am so glad that I found Spinner when I did. Even though it is gone, it will never be forgotten by me. And now you guys!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope to see you guys again soon :)



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