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Hello guys! So I know I said I was going to do a makeup tutorial today, but at the time, I didn't realize what today was. In case you haven't heard, it's International Women's Day. I know that I am a huge supporter and lover of what women have accomplished, and what they are doing in the world. So today, I am going to postpone my initial idea to Thursday, and talk about the inspirational women in my life: whether or not I know them personally.

 First and foremost, my mom inspires me. She gave me her work ethic, and it's something I have always admired about her. She is strong, beautiful, and relaxed. She always tries to be there for my sisters and I whenever we need her, and we realize that sometimes that is asking a lot of her. She is always working, and she still tries to connect to us. I love and admire my mom for everything she has given me, and for the person she is.

 Next up, I am inspired by Malala Yousafzai. If you haven't heard about her, she is an activist for women's rights who was shot by the Taliban and survived. She fought for women where she used to live in Pakistan to be educated. At the time, the Taliban had banned women from being educated. She, however, spoke out about the ban, and fought for women there to be educated. This led to a Taliban member to shoot her three times. The plan was to kill her, but she survived. She has since moved to England to continue fighting for education equality among the sexes. She inspires me to be brave and to talk about what I believe in. I used to worry about following accounts on social media because I thought someone might not like what I am doing. Since hearing about her story, I have been more open about my beliefs, whether or not they are favorable. I believe in equality among the sexes in all aspects of life. And people like Malala inspire me to say that openly and honestly.

 Finally, I am inspired by Emma Watson. I am sure everyone by now has heard her speech at the United Nations Council where she unveiled the He for She campaign. If not, here's the speech,

 How amazing was that speech?! I had always loved Emma Watson because I associated her with Hermoine Granger. Now I love Emma Watson because she stands for something. She lends her celebrity status and her time to a cause that is inspirational to me. She could have been just another actor that doesn't say what she believes in, but Emma Watson didn't. She stands for gender equality, and she came out with a good way to help get to it. I know there was some skepticism for her plan, saying that she is still marketing to guys about a female issue. This is true in a literal aspect. But think about it this way: nothing will ever change regarding feminism if we don't include men. Females won't discriminate against other females for the most part. But by involving men, she is changing the way men see feminism. I think it's brilliant. And again why I am so inspired by what Emma Watson is doing.

 I hope you guys have enjoyed reading about my inspirations! These ladies continue to inspire me to be a better person, and to stand for what I believe in, no matter how popular it is.

Let's celebrate the women in our lives. Not just today, but everyday.

Who inspires you?



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