Review: Sally Hansen Gel Shine Top Coat

 Hello guys! I am here with another review for you! Now, to be clear, this is not a sponsored post. I know there has been some drama in the blogging community because of whether or not bloggers disclose when they are writing a sponsored post. But rest assured, this is not a sponsored post. And I have done one before, and I made sure to tell you guys that I was sponsored to do it. For me, it's all about being honest with anyone who may read this. I think of my blog as talking to friends. I don't want to ruin that by not disclosing whether or not I have been approached to write or say something.

 Sorry for the little rant, but that is my personal view on the whole drama. But just so you guys know, no, this is not sponsored in any way. If you guys have checked out my Beauty Haul video on Youtube, you might have seen where I bought this and was like "I'll be sure to let you guys know how it works" or however I said that. So I thought that I would do a review for it this week, just in case you're interested in buying one for yourself!

 I will warn anyone who wants this, that it is $10. I don't know how much it is in other countries, but here, it's $10. But I think that it is so worth the price if you are someone who loves getting the shellac nails at a salon, or if you are someone who loves the look of gel nails. This top coat is really great for achieving a gel look. I find that I can use nail polish from any company and no matter what, they look amazing and shiny. Here are what my nails look like with it on. Sorry for the quality, I'm still learning the art of nail photography :)

 I think you can tell the shine of my nails. I am using a nail polish I bought at Walgreen's for $2. I would say that these look just as good as my nails when I am wearing OPI, or Essie. I love how this top coat can transform any nail polish and make them all look beautiful on the nail.

 The only downside about the Gel Shine is that it takes forever to dry. I use a nail dry spray that I pick up at Ulta in order to make the process go by faster. If you are someone that doesn't like the long wait, then this might not be the best product for you, but I have found ways around the wait time, so I love it.

In conclusion, I love this product. I would recommend it to anyone who loves doing their nails, especially if you have always wanted an at home gel kit. This nail polish is the cheaper alternative to that, because it doesn't require a UV light. It really is the best of both worlds as far as painting your nails and getting Shellac nails at a salon: You still get the shine of getting your nails done, but you don't have to leave home, nor do you need a light to dry the nails.

 I hope you guys have enjoyed this post! If you haven't checked out my YouTube channel yet, here is a link. I am not exactly sure where I am going with it, but I am having fun playing with it. And I hope you're having fun watching them, if you watch my videos! Again, thanks so much for readin and I will see you on Thursday with a brand new post! See you then!

What are your favorite nail care products? Be sure to let me know :)



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