Things I Learned My Freshman Year Of College

 Hello guys! So school has just ended for the year for me, and I will say, this has been the most eye-opening school year of my life. I feel like so many things changed from graduating high school to going to college. With that being said, I wanted to share with you guys the things I have learned. So I will get started!

Getting By in High School Doesn't Work in College

 I used to be the student in high school that could breeze through my classes. I took many advanced courses, and walked into college as a Sophomore because of being able to coast through in high school. However, as I started taking college courses, I realized that this isn't high school. To be honest, I am still learning the kind of student I am, how I need to study, etc. I don't have it down yet, but I am trying. And this is my biggest advice to anyone who is a student: learn how you are as a student. I have realized this year that I learn best in absolute silence, so when I study, I need to be in a quiet area.

Utilize All The Resources Available To You

 Every college you go to has fees in your tuition bill that are designed for extras. You may not even now what you are paying for. I know that when I paid my bill, I had no idea the kind of extras that were included. But I will tell you this: I used a good majority of them. I went to the on campus nurse when I thought I got the flu, I went to the school gym to get a workout, and everyone knows I wouldn't have survived the school year without the computer lab. But I didn't seek a tutor when I needed help. There are tutoring buildings that I paid for, but didn't use because I was too lazy to go to tutoring. I could have done better in some of my classes if I had taken the extra time and went to tutoring.

Make Friends In Your Classes

 I remember the first semester, I made really good friends in my Business class. We got each others numbers and talked. This turned out to be amazing because whenever I missed a class, or one of them missed a class, we would loop each other in on what we missed. Plus, we sometimes organized study groups. I always did better on tests where I studied with them. I think the best thing about it, as well, is that you open yourself to meeting new people. I would have never had met these girls if I didn't befriend them my first day of Business. I compare that to the second semester, where I really didn't go out of my way to make friends in my classes. I had one friend in a class, but that was because we had gone to high school together and were friends since then. But second semester was a lot harder for me than first semester, and I think that could be a reason why.

 I hope you guys have enjoyed my tips for surviving your first year of college! I know that I am still learning this whole college thing out, but I am proud of where I have come. I am not the same person I was in high school: for the better.

Are you entering college next fall? Be sure to let me know where you are headed :)



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