Endings and Beginnings

 Hello guys! It has been almost a month since I have last blogged. That wasn't intentional, it just happened. I feel like I am always trying to make excuses, but to be honest, I just needed the time. I am so sorry though if you have been looking forward to new stuff. I really do feel bad about my lack of consistency on here. As a person, consistency is definitely an area of myself that I can work on.

 Now onto this blog post! I just wanted to give a little update about myself, and I figured now is the perfect opportunity to do just that! So here it goes :)

 So this week marked the end of the fall semester for my college! I am so relieved this semester is over! In general, I am glad this year is ending. 2015 was not my year, by any means. I have screwed up, I have failed, I have said things I probably shouldn't have, and I have been blind to things around me. But all of those things have taught me lessons that I needed to learn. So I can honestly say that I am leaving 2015 as a better person than when I entered it. And that's what counts, right? :)

 Onto more fun stuff! I am feeling especially festive this year! I am normally not the person who gets super excited about Christmas, but this year, the Christmas spirit hit me like a ton of bricks! I am actually listening to Christmas music in my car (*Nsync's Christmas album has been on repeat! As well as a playlist I made on Spotify with all of my favorite songs!). I don't even mind when Christmas music comes on at work! Like where is Tiffany and why has been replaced with Christmas Tiffany?! It's crazy, but I am digging it.

 Which leads me to my next thing...

 For the rest of the time until Christmas Day, I am going to be daily blogging! With time off from school, I think I will be able to squeeze out a post everyday until Christmas! I am going to be trying different things, and I am excited to show you guys some fun new stuff! So look out for that! I am starting today, and I have already pre-written some stuff. So I hope you guys enjoy :)

I think that is everything that I wanted to update you guys on. I hope you liked reading this, and thanks so much for reading!



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