Favorite Christmas Songs Updated!

 Hello guys! If you have been around my blog since the beginning, then you would know that I wrote a post like this a year ago. I decided to update it this year because I have listened to more Christmas music this year than the year before. So I hope you like Christmas music as much as I have been!! Here we go :)

*NSYNC "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays"

 For my first song, I picked this gem from *NSYNC! I have been listening to their Christmas album like nonstop! Most of the songs aren't the most festive, but the songs that are festive, are super catchy! This is one of may favorites off of the album. Plus the video is like 90's Christmas in a video. Let's just take a second and appreciate their outfits because I think it's truly hilarious.

Wham "Last Christmas"

 My second choice is a Christmas classic! This song is seriously just fun to sing! I have a blast when I'm singing along to this song. It's on the dramatic side, which makes it a million times better to sing along to. Or lip sync to. Whatever you prefer. As well as the original Wham version, the Glee version is actually pretty good too. The Glee Christmas album is actually gem, so if you are looking for a super festive Christmas album, I would totally recommend that one!

Mariah Carey "All I Want For Christmas is You"

 All hail the Christmas anthem. I was talking to my sister the other day, and we both agreed that when you hear this song, it is instantly Christmas time. Like it isn't official that it's Christmas until you hear this song. And the first time you hear it during winter time is truly a magical moment. I might have included this song in last year's list too, but honestly, Christmas isn't the same if this song isn't in your Christmas playlist. It just isn't! 

 If you would like some more Christmas music, I have included my personal Christmas playlist from my Spotify account! 

Thanks so much for reading! And I hope have a great day :)



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