My Favorite Cleanser

 Hello guys! I am back! I won't lie when I say that posts are going to be a little out of whack as far as the blog goes. I am trying to plan out posts, but with school and work, I am just a little wiped out! Videos are more fun for me because I have more experienced with videos. So videos are just more natural for me. But I am getting back into the swing of blogging!

 I am so excited to show you guys my latest obsession! I have fallen in love with the Biore Charcoal Cleanser. This cleanser is really good at getting deep into your pores and getting dirt and grime out. Charcoal is actually a super ingredient when it comes to any kind of cleanser or acne clearing treatment. It is naturally able to extract dirt from your pores.

 What makes the Biore cleanser different is that it doesn't leave your face extremely dry afterwards. I find that my skin feels like a baby's bottom after I use this: not too dry nor too oily. My skin feels like what skin should feel like: it is smooth and clear.  

 As well as the cleanser, Biore offers charcoal strips, different types of cleansers, and scrubs in order to get healthy looking skin. I have yet to try any, but after using this product up, I will most definitely buy some more in the range. 

 Thanks so much for reading! Please let me know if you have tried any other charcoal cleansers and how you felt about them! 

Just FYI, this is not a sponsored post. Biore does not know me, nor did they contact me to write this. I am just an extremely happy customer that happened to take a chance on the charcoal trend, and went for the Biore one. 



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