New Year, New Resolutions

 Hi guys! Welcome to 2015! I hope all of you guys had an amazing New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. I know I spent New Year's Eve in bed, and I actually had to work New Year's Day but we closed early because of the weather. That was a really bad run on sentence but I am too lazy to change it. Anywho! So I rang in the new year exactly like I have every year, in my room watching countdown specials. What a better way to start the year :)

 In conjunction with the start of a new year comes resolutions. All of Twitter and other social mediums, I have seen so many "New Year, New Me" posts, or the posts like "Page 1 of 365". There's nothing about these posts, but I always have a problem with making resolutions that I know are unattainable, or that I am going to stop doing in a week. So this year I am making three resolutions and I am putting numbers to them. I read on a blog, or saw on TV that if you put a number to your resolutions, then you are more likely to keep them. I am not sure if this is true, but I am going to try! I'll tell you guys if it works or not.

 My resolutions this year are as followed:

1. Eat at least 3 organic meals a week.

 So instead of doing the tired resolution of losing weight, I am going to make it more attainable to be healthier. I am horrible about eating foods that are quick, or fast food because I am so busy, or I am too tired to make my own food. Because of this, I can notice a difference about myself. I had tried about 3 months ago to lose weight and I was actually doing pretty well about it. But it was until Thanksgiving came around and I ate all I wanted and them some. Then this became natural for me, throwing away the progress I had made from the months of eating well. And I studied what had happened, because quiet frankly, I wasn't sure what had happened at the time. But as I was studying it, I realized that I quit caring about what I was putting in my body in favor of ease of preparing. Holidays came around and working retail like I do, I worked long days, and when I came home, all I wanted was to get to bed. So I would stop before getting home at fast food restaurants, or got microwavable food that was not very good for me. But I am determined now that I am going to get back to my eating well habits. In fact, today I had raisins for a snack. RAISINS. Which aren't my favorite, but it was less calories than I normally consume for snacks, and it provided me a good source of energy while I was at work. A win-win is always good, even if it means eating raisins.

2. Start being more consistent as a person.

 I know I said I was putting numbers to these resolutions, but this one was hard to put a number to. I have noticed that I will get really tired of a way I am acting or a habit I have, so I make a plan to change it, then after about a week, I stop doing it. For example, I hated how last semester I would not study for tests until like two days before the test. So for one test I began studying the week after the previous test. Every day I would review a little material towards the test, even if we hadn't covered it in class. On that test, I did better than any other test in that class. But I got complacent with that and stopped studying. Then the final came around and I was nervous because I felt really good about only certain parts of the material and not all of the material. That's just one example of me being inconsistent. As well as that, I want to blog more consistently. I think blogging is such a good outlet for thoughts, and sometimes, all you want is someone to listen to your thoughts without physically telling someone. I know. I know. Tiffany, that's insane. But it feels so good to post a blog and then have a friend read it and tell you how much she enjoyed it, or related to it. And that's what I hope I do with blog. Not only do I want this to be a spot for me, I want this to be a spot for us. For people in general. With that being said, I kind of have to blog in order for that to happen. :) The goal is to be consistent, and it is something I am going to work on this year.

3. Go one day every week without technology

 Ugh, this one is going to hurt. If you are anything like me, sometimes putting down the phone or getting off the computer is like pulling a tooth. I won't lie, I love social mediums. I love playing games on my phone, I love texting friends, the list is endless. But with all of the time that I am spending glued to my phone or my computer, there are things that I am missing. Like going and hanging out with a friend, or reading a good book that has been on my shelf for months, or even going for a walk. Because of this, I am making it a goal to go a day without my phone or computer every week. I am not going to lie, this is my hardest resolution, and if I fail, it will be a miserable fail.

So those are my resolutions! What are you guys doing this year as far as resolutions? I hope they go well, regardless of what it is. Until next time, have a chill week!



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