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 Hey guys! I'm actually posting on Sunday like I'm supposed to! I hope everyone had an amazing Valentine's Day. I know I did! So, not to get sentimental about it or anything like that, but guys, this is my 10th post! For anyone who doesn't know me personally, 10 is a really important number to me. My birthday is October 10th, which if you put in numerically, is 10/10. Plus there are other reasons why I love the number 10, but they are lame and corny so I am just going to leave it at that.

 In honor of my 10th post, I am going to write about something that I love deeply: music. I know I usually post beauty posts or even life posts, but I wanted to do another music post and just share the music that I have been loving the past week. Now I will warn you that these songs maybe new or they maybe old. I tend to go back and forth whenever I am listening to music between current music and older music. But I hope you guys can find maybe even one song that you like! So let's get it started!

If You Ever Want To Be In Love by James Bay

 This song is my newest obsession. Actually, James Bay is my newest obsession. But this song is my favorite so far. I love the tempo of the song. It's not too fast, but it is fast enough to give a little bounce to the song. Plus whenever you get to the chorus, you can hear the harmonies and the warmth of the song. It's just like an "AH" moment everytime you get to the chorus. Plus the chorus is so fun to just sing along to, and is very catchy and memorable. The song is pretty simple in composition, but it's fun to listen to and it is drenched in pop soul. It's absolutely amazing. I love this song and I am excited to hear the rest of his album.

Vision of Love by Mariah Carey

 This past week, or maybe the week before, I purchased two Mariah Carey albums. But they were both on sale on iTunes, and I got it for even cheaper because I already had bought a couple songs from the albums. So I went ahead and got her Greatest Hits album and the Emancipation of Mimi album. I listened to each one and sang along to the songs I knew and discovered new ones that I love. This was a song that I had heard before, but I never really paid much attention to it. But I am so glad I rediscovered it because it's absolutely brilliant. The beginning is a little slow. But what I love about it is that it builds and builds with each verse. By the end of the song, you are ready for the epic ending. Now, this song doesn't have one of those super high notes that she is known for, but you hear her power when she holds the last note, and her control as she does the fun little riff at the very end. This was actually her first song ever released! That is insane to me! But still, it's amazing.

Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap

 I know this song is old, but I still love it as much as I did in the past. I was listening to the Indie Pop station on Pandora and this song popped up. I hadn't heard this song in a while, and when it came up, I rediscovered my love for this song. It's so romantic in a muted kind of way. You have to really decipher the lyrics to see the romantic aspects of it. What I love about this song, aside from the muted romance, is the tempo. I'm a sucker for mid tempo pop songs. I love the pacing of the song. Plus the song is so cute in its composition. I really love this song, and I hope you like it to! Just in case you're wondering where you might have heard this song before, it was on the soundtrack for 500 Days of Summer. The movie, as well as the song, is so great! But I won't go on about my love for 500 Days of Summer. :)

 Alrighty! There you have it! Those are the songs I cannot get enough of this past week! I hope you liked them, or maybe even found a new song to be obsessed with. Thanks so much for reading!

Do you guys have any songs that you are obsessed with? Comment those down below! I would love to find new songs to add to my ever long collection of music :)



  1. I've never heard of these songs but I must admit I'm loving them! I love Mariah Carey her voice is everything I cant believe this is her first song ever released...mind is blown!!! My fave songs at the moment include anything from Meghan Trainor, Taylor Swift, and Jessie J...I'm a really pop fanatic haha!

    P.S my fave number is 7 haha I have no reason to it...it just is lol!!!
    Jasmine :)
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