Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial!

 Hey everyone! I am back this week for a makeup tutorial! I figured since this Saturday is Valentine's Day, I would do a nice, simple look. Now I personally do not have a Valentine this year, but I think that Valentine's Day isn't just about a romantic love, it can be love of any kind. I know that it is advertised and marketed as a "Lover's Day" but I love hanging out with friends and catching up. Let's celebrate all love, whether it be romantic or not. Okay, mini-rant done. Now onto the look!

 Here's what I used. If you have something that works better for you, then by all means, use it. And if you don't want to use everything that I did, as in, I used more products than you are comfortable with, just know that there are little shortcuts you can take, and I'll be sure to share those with you guys! I personally wanted to play with all my stuff, so maybe I went a little product crazy. But you can achieve this look with less stuff on.

 Okay so to start, I primed my face. I, however, forgot to picture my primer! I use the Rimmel London Stay Matte primer. I find that with certain foundations that I need a primer that is more matte in finish. But other times, I need a more natural primer. This time, I need a matte primer because the foundation that I am going to be using is more of a natural to dewy finish. If you have dry skin, however, I recommend not using a matte primer, in fact I wouldn't use a primer at all. But I am not that fortunate, so I use primers.

 After I am done priming my face, I put on my foundation. I am going to use the Rimmel London Match Perfection foundation in the shade 202 Nude. I like this foundation because it's a light finish. It's not super heavy coverage, which I like because I don't need a lot of coverage. I will spread this foundation all over my face with a brush. I will also put whatever is left on the brush onto my eye lids so that my eyes don't look tired. This also acts as an eye shadow primer. It allows the color of the eye shadow to stay on longer.

 Next I will take my concealer and just lightly apply it under my eyes. I use the NYX HD concealer in the shade CW 04 which is like a light beige color. In order to make the concealer look natural, you want to make sure you apply it in a triangle formation from the corner to your eye to the nose, with the top of the cheek bone the hypotenuse, or the long part of the triangle. Apply this evenly in the triangle formation. From there, I get a little bit of foundation on the brush again and conceal the triangle. I do this because I want a more natural finish with my makeup. You can skip this part of you want a highlighted look under your eyes. I like to highlight my eyes only if my dark circles are bad. Otherwise, I prefer a natural look.

 Once the concealer is done, I will allow my face to dry a little and I work on my eyes. I start with eyeshadow. I used the NYX Single eyeshadow in the shade Iced Mocha. I liked this one because it gives a light smokey look without overdoing the smokey part. It just gives my eyes, in my opinion, a little pop of color. I apply this evenly through my eyelid. After that, I use the Avon Quad and I will use a taupe color to put in the crease of my eye. This gives the eyes a natural transition color from the part without any eyeshadow to the part that has more eyeshadow.

 With the eyeshadow being done, I will take my E.L.F liquid eyeliner and very lightly line my upper lids only. I don't know if it's just a me thing or not, but I do not like the look of mascara or eyeliner on my lower lid. I love it on some people, but on myself, it just doesn't look right. At least I think so. After I am done with my eyeliner, I will take my Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara and put it on my top lashes. I am literally in love with this mascara at the moment. It is really high quality for being a drugstore mascara.

 I will let my eye lashes dry and I will finish my face. I will take my Too Faced Soul Mates blushing bronzer in the shade Carrie & Big and I will apply this evenly on my face. I'll be honest, I primarily bought this bronzer because it was called Carrie and Big, which is my absolute favorite couple from a TV show ever. There's another one in the series called Ross & Rachel but the blush is more pink and the bronzer is darker than I wanted. Carrie & Big was love at first sight for me. If you like your bronzer on the more dark side, then I would recommend Ross & Rachel for you.

 Once the bronzer is applied to my liking, I will take my E.L.F HD Blush and squeeze out a very small amount of it onto my hand. When I say a little amount, I literally mean a small amount. Like the size of an o onto my hand. It is actually super pigmented and a little goes a long way with this blush. I use the shade Headliner, which is a very light, neutral pink. Like I said before, I want a natural, soft look. If you were to buy anything from this tutorial, I would say get this blush. It's a steal at $3 at Target! So I will apply this to the apples of my cheeks and work some of it up in a half circle motion. I will try to work it until my hairline, just so that the blush looks like it came out of no where. Plus, if you wear your hair down, no one will ever see the blush by your hair.

 We are almost done! Once I am done with my face, it's time to set everything with a pressed powder. I use the Rimmel London Stay Matte powder in the shade 001 Transparent. I don't want to alter the color of my face at all, so a transparent, or translucent powder is good to set it with.

 To finish off the lips, I will use the NYX Butter Gloss in the shade Vanilla Cream Pie. I used a sheer pink look to just make the look have a feminine and girly touch. You could also use a nice red berry lipstick or lipgloss. I currently don't have any of those colors, so I went for a nice pink.

And TA-DA!

 I hope I was helpful in some way! Thanks so much for reading this!

Do you guys have any plans for Valentine's? Let me know by commenting down below! 

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