Hello guys! I know that I have been more makeup oriented in my blog posts recently, so I wanted to take this post to express some of the things that make me happy. I hope to spread some happiness, so I will be tagging some of my blogging friends to do a post similar to this, just to spread happiness and peace in the blogging world. I have seen, and been involved, in some drama lately and honestly, it doesn't make me feel good when I do that. I know that I could stop myself before it gets there, but we are all human: we all make mistakes. But what's more important than making a mistake, is correcting it. So I am here, not to necessarily right a wrong, but to change how I am viewing life around me. Instead of seeing bad, I want to see the good. In doing that, I want to start by sharing what makes me happy. And I hope you guys will do the same :)

 Happiness, for me, comes from many different things. It can be the happiness of getting something that you always wanted, or it can come from seeing someone else happy. I know that the things that make me the most happy are other people and other things.

 For example, the other day I had to park very far away from my class because there wasn't a lot of parking by my class. So on my way out of class, I saw this homeless cat in a drainage by my car. It looked very lonely and hungry. When I left to go home, I stopped by the convenience store to get some cat food for it. I drove back to where it was hiding and left the food there. It didn't immediately go to it, but after I got into my car, I saw the cat go for the food from my side mirror. That made me happy because I knew that because of me, that cat might have eaten it's only meal for the day. It felt good to do something nice for something else for no reason at all than just being kind.

 Now, to be honest, I do have things that make me happy that are materialistic. Like I love getting new makeup. It's a weakness for me! I love playing with new makeup. As well, I love going shopping. Is it frivolous to enjoy shopping? Maybe, but we all are entitled to something that makes us happy that might not be something that would make sense to anyone else. It doesn't change who I am and my value system to love shopping.

 There is a certain kind of happiness that only other people can give you, and this happiness to me is the most vital. It's seeing my cat after a long day. It's singing along to a catchy pop song on the radio with my sister. It's hanging out with my mom. It's going golfing with my dad. It's all of these experiences that are more exciting with someone else. Happiness is having someone to share it with. (That sounds like it should be on a Hallmark card XD) But it's true. I find that I am the most happy when I am sharing the experience with someone else. Don't get me wrong, I do things by myself that make me happy, like listening to music. But it's more fun to share it with someone who gets you, and loves you.

 With that being said, I am going to share this happiness with some of my blogging friends, so that we can be happy together! I hope they will do a post like this, but if not, I am cool with that. So I am sharing this with

Ffion Davies over at http://www.asouthwalesblog.com/

Sophie Edwards over at http://petalsofperfection.blogspot.co.uk/

Maranda Kameron over at marakameron.com

 And you reading this! If you want to do a happiness post, do it! Be sure to share it with me if you do it! I would love to read more positivity.

That concludes this long happiness post. I hope you guys liked this post. I have been meaning to do more posts like this, where I talk about life and it's little quirks. But I am glad I got this off my chest. I hope you guys will too!

Question of the Post is more of a challenge: Do something today that makes you happy, no matter what it may be. (Unless it's killing someone. Then don't do that.)

Thanks so much for reading!



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