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 Hello universe! I am back with another blog post! Although this time it's not like the others! I am actually on a mini-vacation! I am currently in Austin, Texas, living up the South by South West experience! I have wanted to go to this festival since I was 13, and I am so excited to be going this year! With that in mind, I decided to share what I take with me in my purse since this is going to be a roadtrip. I am sure this stuff can easily be transferred to a carry on as if you were going to fly. I won't actually go into what's in my luggage because it's stuffed with clothes and shoes. But I thought it added a nice touch to the photo above. So here it goes!

 I am going to start with the small pink bag pictured above. It's actually a bag I got when I was younger and it came with like three Lip Smacker lip glosses in it. I used to be obsessed with Lip Smackers! And even though I no longer own the glosses, the bag is actually really useful. Here's a picture of everything I am keeping inside of it!

 It actually carries more than you might assume it might! I am taking with me the Roller Lash mascara by Benefit, the Philosophy lip gloss in the shade Pink Jelly Bean, the Tarte BB Treatment Primer in the shade Medium, an Ulta lipstick, Blotting Sheets, and a mirror in the main pocket. During this trip, I want to be as close to bare faced and natural as possible, so the things I have brought don't drastically change how I look, hence why I am bringing said items. In the first pocket, the transparent one, I have accessories I might want to wear during the trip. I've got two pairs of earrings, a watch, and a statement necklace. I have a plan with the necklace! I know it seems so random, but it does have a purpose! The first day I am getting there, I am going shopping around Austin, so I want to look cuter for that as opposed to a concert.

 Now moving on to the main event: my purse! I carry a Rampage bag! I love that it's big enough to fit a lot of things, yet it still has a messenger strap so I don't have to carry it on my shoulder. I love messenger bags but I always have a lot on me. So this bag was a good mix for me! Now let's see what I have in there!

*The cat is not included :)*

 I like to be entertained when I am in the car for a long time. Which a long time for me is anything over an hour. So I always have things to keep me entertained in there. I have a sunglasses case that has two sunglasses, just in case I want to switch it up! I also have my Vera Bradley blogging journal, some gum, chapstick, my wallet, a snack, and a book! Again, just things to keep me occupied in the car! I have to take my eye drops with me since I am staying overnight, so I decided to put it in my purse so that I don't lose it!

 Those are the things that I am taking with me on my trip! I hope you have enjoyed this short little post! I think I needed a little break from beauty posts, and I thought what better to post than a little travelling post, since summer is so close! And if you have yet to go to Spring Break yet, then this could be a prep for Spring Break!

 Again, thanks so much for reading! I'll be back on Sunday with a new post!

What do you take with you on trips? 



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