Christmas Wishlist

  Hello guys! Today's post is going to be more festive than my previous posts so far. I figured with it being so close to Christmas, I wanted to do some festive posts! I don't really want a lot for Christmas, just because I am the kind of person that usually gets what I want, so sometimes shopping for me can get kind of difficult! But there are some things that I want and that I don't currently have.

Here they are!

A Plush Robe

 In the winter time, I like to bundle up! I can become such a baby about the cold, so I tend to wear multiple layers! The one thing my closet is missing the most is a nice plush robe! I picked this one from Forever 21. It looks so cozy, plus, the hood is a hamster! How adorable! It is also on the cheaper side of robes, costing only $30. This just looks so perfect for a cozy night in.

Tan Ankle Boots

 I love wearing boots with a heel. I am personally too short to pull off the flat boots, so I tend to go for boots with a heel. I currently have a black pair, and a taupe-y colored pair. The one I would really like to add to my collection is a pair of tan boots! Tan is such a cool neutral color, and I think it could go with a lot of my clothes. Plus it would add variety to my shoe collection, seeing as though most of my shoes are black XD These are from H&M and they are only $35! Such a great deal!

Sephora Gift Card

 Seeing as though I do not have a Sephora near me, I really like shopping on Sephora's online store. Plus I love everything beauty, so a gift card to Sephora would be perfect! There are a lot of products that are not available at Ulta, but are at Sephora. And you can never go wrong with a giftcard :)

 That is my Christmas wishlist! I hope you guys are having a very festive Christmas season! Thanks so much for reading :)

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