Carli Bybel Palette Review + Swatches!

Hey guys! I am back after a little break! You guys know how it goes: School starts and I get a little less routine in my blogging game. I am so sorry, but I am trying to get back into my groove. So I thought it would be great to start back with a little review! 

Today I am going to review the Carli Babel eyeshadow and highlighter palette. I have actually had this palette for some time now, but I really didn't make much use of this palette up until about three weeks ago. So now that I have had some time to really play with this palette, I felt like I could give a good review of it. 

Here's what the palette looks like:
(Excuse the dirty mirror)

This palette is filled with neutral, yet romantic shades. It's a warm toned palette for sure. You get a little of the cool tone with the plum colors and the matte brown, but overall, the eyeshadows are warm. You get 10 eyeshadows as well as 4 highlighters, all for $14. I got my palette from Ulta, so I don't know if it's cheaper on the BH Cosmetics site. 

Let's start with the eyeshadows!

Here is what the eyeshadows look like. I will say that in this palette, the shimmers really stand out. I think it's because the focus was on shimmery makeup, which was why they included highlighters. But the shimmers are so much more pigmented than the matte shades. As well, the consistency is much more consistent with the shimmer shades, which isn't always true with the matte shades in this palette. The shimmers, however, have a lot more fallout than the matte shades, so that is something to consider. 

Now for the highlighters:

The highlighters in this palette are so pigmented! To be honest, I only use three of the highlights because the far right one is too dark to be a highlighter on me. Even the gold can be a little too much for my skin tone: I usually mix that one with the second highlighter to get a nice champaigne color. But my ride or die highlighter in this palette is the second one. It is so good, and has the most beautiful finish on the skin. It's a little rosy, but not so rosy that it looks like a blush. If you follow me on Twitter, last week I tweeted myself wearing this highlighter. (If you don't, I'm @tiffanychill10)

  I will say that the highlighters have a lot of fallout as well as the shimmery eyeshadows. But overall, the crowning jewel of this palette is the shimmers. If you are someone looking for a neutral, romantic looking palette with rich shimmers, then this is your kind of palette! However, I would recommend using another palette for like a crease and transitional shade. 

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed my little review. If you have this palette, then let me know your thoughts in the comment section! As well, if you aren't subscribed to my blog, then you should totally subscribe :)

Thanks so much and have a great day :)



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