March Favorites!

 Hello guys! It's that time of the month again where all you see are monthly favorites posts! I personally love Favorites posts. They are my favorite posts to write, and my favorite posts to read.  I think I am just super nosy, but I really love seeing what other products other people love. I also like to see why they like that certain product. It's like talking to a friend about what she uses. You can sort of base what you want to buy off of these kinds of posts. I know I am guilty of doing that. So this intro is a little ramble-y, so I am going to get into the post!

 My favorite product for the month of March is the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. This is a light to medium coverage. This is good because it can work for so many different needs. If you are like me and really want a light coverage, then you can apply like one swipe of this concealer on a trouble spot and be done. If you need a little more coverage than that, then you can build by swipes until you get the coverage you need. This is my absolute, go-to concealer. You might be able to tell that by looking at the photo: the tube is like half way gone! This concealer is a staple in my beauty collection.

 Next is the Essence Eyeliner Pen. To be honest, I skeptically ordered this. I had tried an eyeliner before from Essence and I hated it. But I wanted to try an eyeliner pen, and this was almost the cheapest one Ulta had. So I ordered it anyways, and I was so glad I did! I don't know if it's supposed to come with two, but when I got this, it actually had two eyeliner pens in there, so maybe I got one free? Anyways, I love fine the tip is. I am a fan of a small line of eyeliner when I do my makeup. They also have larger tips in case you are more of an eyeliner person. But this product works for what I want, so I am glad to have found it!

 The Stay Matte pressed powder is one of those classic products that might be in all my favorites posts for the rest of time. I love setting my liquid foundation and concealer with this pressed powder! I got the transparent one, so I love how it doesn't change the colors on my face or make me look weird. I also love how it keeps me looking matte but not lifeless. It makes me matte enough to not look like a slip and slide, but not like paper. It's a solid powder for me.

 After that is the Tarte BB infused primer. I saw this as I was at Ulta in one of the things next to the register. I am a sucker for those things! I see a huge product that I have been dying to try in a small trial size, and without thinking, I get it. I personally love having this in a small size though because it's easier to carry around than the full sized tube. This product works as a tinted primer, but I use it as a foundation. It is honestly pigmented enough to stand as a light coverage foundation. Plus you get the good effects of a primer like smooth and poreless skin. Plus you also get the benefits of a BB cream. So it is correcting some of the imperfections on your face, while acting as a primer, while acting as a foundation. I probably like using this more than my other foundation. It's a really good product because of its diverse uses.

 Last but not least, the Bare Minerals Blush in the shade Golden Gate has been a lovely find this month! It is super pigmented! I use like one dab of the minerals, then shake off my brush a little, and then apply it. It comes out looking almost the same as really dabbing and reapplying my Maybelline blush. It applies really nicely on the skin, and this shade is perfect for almost everyone. It is a light pink blush. It gives a nice and healthy blush on the skin, almost as if you were blushing at a cute boy kind of blushed. I had never used a Bare Minerals product before this, and now I want to try them all because of how much I love this blush.

 Thanks so much for reading today! I hope you guys found some products that you might want to try! And I think I forgot to mention this in my intro, but Happy Easter to anyone that is celebrating it! I hope the day has been very good to all of you. With that, I will leave you guys with a question, like always!

Question of the Post: What were your favorites for the month of March? Which by the way, can you believe it's already April? Where has 2015 gone?!



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