Current Obsession: Coloring Books

As some of you may know, I love to color. I find it so therapeutic and relaxing to just color my life away! I only have one coloring book at the moment, but I hope I get some more for Christmas!

 If you know someone in your life that loves arts and crafts, then this would be a great Christmas gift! They are usually inexpensive, and they provide hours of fun. There are so many different kinds of coloring books, you just have to visit a bookstore near you!

 If you get a coloring book, I would personally recommend getting colored pencils as well. I think colored pencils make the pictures come out really clean looking. Plus I only use colored pencils when I am coloring, so maybe I am biased :)

 Thanks so much for reading! Be sure to send me photos of your pictures if you currently color! I love looking at these soo much!



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