My Favorite Christmas Films

 Hello guys! Can you believe tomorrow is Christmas?! This year has gone by so fast, it is almost unbelievable!

 A tradition in my house is to watch Christmas films until the clock strikes midnight, and then we all get to open our stockings. We have to wait until morning to open any gifts. My family has done this for a long time, and it's one of the things I look forward to most :) So today I am going to share what films we like to watch leading up to midnight.

A Christmas Story

 So this is probably all my mom's fault, because she seriously cannot go a Christmas without watching this film! It is a classic though, and it is almost always playing on Christmas day. I just think this film is hilarious, and I can probably quote a good amount of this film, just because it is so memorable.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

 Is there anyone that doesn't watch this film before Christmas?! I prefer the live action version with Jim Carrey in it, but the cartoon version is good as well. I just think the live action version is so much cuter. Plus, little Taylor Momsen is in it! She is freaking adorable as Cindy Lou Who. This film is a staple in any Christmas movie collection.


 Again, another Christmas classic. This movie is just stupidly hilarious. Will Ferrell absolutely sleighs (see what I did there?!) as Buddy the elf. He makes the whole movie, to be honest. I actually own this movie on my YouTube account. Not quite sure how, but hey, I am not going to argue with YouTube!

The Polar Express

 This movie is probably the most serious Christmas film on this list, yet it is a kid's movie XD I remember in elementary school, my class read the original Hans Christian Anderson book, and then we took a class field trip to go see this movie. I will always remember this film because of that trip. But I love it because of it's fast paced, lively, and sentimental storytelling. I have to watch this film every Christmas time!

The Holiday

 For a romantic movie, my personal favorite is The Holiday. I love the dynamic couples that the story portraits. If I am being honest, I would probably be Kate Winslet's character, even though I would want to be Cameron Diaz, because she gets Jude Law. And Jude Law is seriously attractive XD

 So there are my all time favorite Christmas lists! As well, this is going to be my last daily-blogging blog :( I hope you guys have enjoyed!! I have enjoyed creating new stuff everyday. Thanks so much to anyone who has been reading these!

From my family to yours: Merry Christmas. And I will see you guys soon :)



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