Hey guys! It's been a long time since I cranked out a blog post! Today I am here to give you a little taste of what Coachella would sound like if I could arrange the acts. This post is in collaboration with TickPick! They are a site that makes finding tickets to concerts and events easier. Sometimes you can straight up buy the tickets, and sometimes they have bids for the tickets. What I love about TickPick is that the prices are what they are: There are no hidden fees. If that sounds like a place you are interested in, here's the link to their website!

 Without further ado, here is my dream lineup!

 So just briefly, I am going to talk a little bit about why I have chosen each act. As well, down below, I will have a playlist with all of my favorite songs from these artists. So let's get started!


 Every time you turn the radio on, there is a Drake song playing: That's the power of Drake. His songs range from pop to soul, all while maintaining his keen sense of wordplay. His lyrics are an art, and it is obvious that he puts a lot of effort into how he says things, and how he intends for them to come off. Plus, who does't love One Dance?


 A few months ago, I was able to see her perform live in concert, and I became a huge Rihanna fan ever since. Before the concert, I considered myself a fan, but not like a big fan or anything like that. But going to her concert was an experience! She is such an amazing performer, and she can interact with the crowd like no one I have ever seen before. I am in complete awe of Rihanna!! Her stage presence partnered with her huge discography of hits, can only mean a great freaking time if she were at a festival!

The 1975

 What's a festival without The 1975? With their larger than life sounds, and the bold aesthetic of their concerts, I could only imagine how good they would be at a festival. I saw the BBC Radio 1 festival performance of theirs, and I knew that I had to go and experience their show for myself. Their second album, I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it, has been one of my favorite albums of this year, so I would really love to hear some of those songs live.


 I bow down to the greatness of Halsey. I had discovered her music almost six months before her Badlands album came out. I just remember thinking about how raw her songs were. She had this sure yet haunting voice that really shined in her song Ghost. Then Badlands came out, and soon, so did the hits. But for me, I will always remember her EP and how much those songs inspired me to write what I was thinking. And for that, I will always be a Halsey fan.

Twenty One Pilots

 In 2013 was the first time I ever heard Twenty One Pilots. I remembered that I had some friends that went to their show, and I only had heard Car Radio at that point. So I listened to their Vessel album and became a fan. Then Blurryface came out and completely blew Vessel out of the water! Blurryface was my favorite album of 2015, and it still continues to be an album I can always listen to. Plus, from what I've seen, they are amazing performers live!

Alt J

 To be honest, I had never heard of Alt J before last year. And honestly, I only listened to them at the festival I went to last year because they were the act before someone I really wanted to see. But let me tell you, these guys can put on a show like no other. I may not have known the words to any of their songs, but I could feel their songs in me as they played. They had a way of truly getting to you through their songs. They were haunting yet inviting if that makes sense. If you ever get a chance of going to one of their shows, do it! You'll be transformed in the best way possible.


 When Zayn left One Direction, I was actually upset. But when I heard his album for the first time in whole, I felt like he was finally being honest to himself as an artist. I see why he wanted to go solo after listening to his album. Oozing with mysterious and haunting songs, he sings with soul and utter coolness. I would love to see him perform some of those songs live!

Tame Impala

 If there was an award for coolest instrumentals I have ever heard, it would go to Tame Impala. Don't just ask me: Rihanna covered their song New Person, Same Old Mistakes for her album Anti. They have a distinct and eccentric sound to their music, and I truly appreciate their artistry. 

Young the Giant

 Young the Giant was one of the first indie bands I ever got into. I remember I had a friend that knew like all of their songs, and I wanted to know them just because of her. Well luckily for me, my mom actually got their debut album for us, and i have loyally followed them ever since. I am so freaking excited that they are going to ACL this year! If you don't know what that it, it's a music festival very similar to Coachella. It happens in Austin every year around October. :)


 Speaking of Austin, my last choice actually got their start in the Austin club scene. Being from the Austin area, I have known about Spoon for such a long time, and I have followed their work for quite some time. I actually listened to their Kill The Moonlight album at the very beginning of high school, and it was really my introduction to the "Indie" music scene. I will always love and support Spoon.

So there was my perfect lineup! i hope you guys have enjoyed this post! Down below is the playlist I made for this post, so feel free to check it out! As well, don't forget to follow me on Spotify! My username is tiffanychill

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you have a great day!



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