Album Review: Head Full of Dreams

 Hey guys! Today's post is dedicated to the newest Coldplay album. I know I post a lot of "What Am I Listening To?" posts, but today I wanted to do a review of an entire album. I am quite fond of music, and I think I've got good taste, so I figured why not?!

 Now I will give a little bit of a disclaimer here: Coldplay's music is right up my alley, but it might not be up yours. Their music tends to verge on the Alternative side, while still maintaining a mainstream appeal, which is awesome, I think. But if you are someone who doesn't care for Alternative, then this album might not be for you.

 So overall, I think this is the perfect album to get you going. There are a lot of songs that are written with high energy and the vibe of the album is electric. This album feels like a dream. The songs that are more pop friendly are still psychedelic in a way, without sounding crazy. This album reminds me of the Mylo Xyloto album they did a few years ago. The only difference between the two albums is that Head Full of Dreams has more songs that feel like proper songs. I will say, in Mylo Xyloto, there were some songs that weren't written to really be a song, but to transition between songs. Head Full of Dreams doesn't have a lot of those.

 My personal favorite songs from the album are Hymn for the Weekend, Birds, and Adventure of a Lifetime. These songs are the most energetic songs off the album. Hymn for the Weekend is just a cool song. Listen to that song, and you will immediately assume you are going to a party. It's just one of the coolest sounding songs I have ever heard. Birds feels like it should have been released in the late 1980's or early 1990's. It sounds like a transitional song at first, but it has it's own magic it adds to the album. It's the second song on the album, and it really sets the tone of the album. It doesn't follow a traditional pop song composure, and I think that's why I like it. And Adventure of a Lifetime is just a fun song. Two seconds into it, and I just want to dance. Again, it is a very energetic song, with a lot of style. I am a sucker for an energetic song!

 In conclusion, this album feels like a psychedelic, artistic, and energetic dream. Like a dream that takes you to a place where you can dance and relax. I love this album, and I would probably rate it as one of my favorite albums of the year, and I've listened to a lot of albums this year! If you are a fan of Coldplay, this album will not disappoint you! And if you've only ever listened to the Coldplay that gets played on the radio, this is a great album to listen to to get more into their work. Their earlier albums tend to be more heavy in songwriting, so I would probably recommend listening to this album or  Mylo Xyloto to start. Those albums are more fun and not as serious as some of their other works.

 Thanks so much for reading and I hope you found this helpful! Let me know if you have listened to this album already and what you thought!



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