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 Hello guys! Can you believe there is only 10 days until Christmas?! I am so excited for Christmas! And for it to be over, to be honest. That might seem cynical, but working retail does that to people. But that's besides the point! Today's post is dedicated to my favorite movies of all time! I love watching movies, but I tend to go for the same kind of movies. My favorite films tend to be cult classics; films that people know and love, but aren't particularly great or anything. So down below I am going to list my three all time favorite movies, and quite honestly the order is always changing, just depending on the day. But these three movies never change themselves. I pretty much know what movies are my favorite!

#3: Mean Girls

 This movie is a modern classic! I cannot even begin to tell you how funny this movie is. I am pretty sure I could quote this movie day and night; I love it that much! I even have a little picture with nothing but quotes from this movie! The reason this is ranked third though is because I usually only watch the first half of the movie. After the Halloween party scene, I tend to turn it off, or not watch as carefully. I still know all of the lines from the last part of the movie, but I just don't find the last part as funny as the first. But the first half is sheer comedic genius and for that reason alone, it is number three on my all time favorite movie list!

#2: Beauty and the Beast

 I totally know what you may be thinking: "She is how old, and a Disney movie is her second favorite film?" And the answer to that is yes. I have absolutely no shame in saying this movie is one of my favorite. I think it is a beautiful story, and what I love most about this film is that the princess, Belle, is different. She has a brain, and a heart. She is caring, but still knows how to be smart about it. I love her throughout the whole film. I never get bored of this movie, and I sing a long to every song whenever I get the chance to watch it! Plus, this list wouldn't be accurate if there wasn't at least one Disney movie in it!

#1: Pretty Woman

 This film needs no explanation. This movie is everything. I mean, who doesn't love a story about a prostitute finding love?! Just kidding, but this movie is pretty perfect. Now I am a rom-com kind of girl, so to me, this movie is perfect. This is Julia Robert's in her prime acting era, arguably. As well, the chemistry between her and Richard Gere is almost too cute! I love how Vivian, which is Julia Robert's character, is strong and empowering, even though she is in a position of weakness in other's eyes. She always has her wits about her, and she never underestimates her worth. Like she says: "I want the fairytale." I can literally quote every line of this film, and it's the only movie I own on my iPad. I watch it atleast once a week. It is just a feel good movie, and one that will keep you laughing and emotional all the way through.

 So those are my favorite movies! I hope you have enjoyed this post :) Be sure to comment down below what your favorite movies are, and let's see if we have any in common!

 Thanks so much for reading, and I will see you again tomorrow :)



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